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Should I Buy Insurance For My Expensive Guitar?

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When you spend a lot of money on a brand new guitar and searching for lessons on how to strum the guitar DVD correctly you do many things to protect it such as buying a protective case but another step you should considered is getting it insured. Getting the guitar insured will protect it from damage theft and give you piece of mind that if something bad were to happen you won't be left holding the bag.


No one buys a guitar to hang it on the wall and look at it, you buy a guitar to play it as much as possible. You take your guitar to jam sessions to play with others or just to classes so you can learn to play it better. During all of this handling and travel accidents can happen. When accidents happen it is better to be safe than sorry. A damaged guitar cannot just be glued back together, it is most likely ruined and will never sound the same again. Having it insured can make it so that any damages can be fixed or the guitar can be replaced if needed. Most musicians can look at a guitar and tell the difference between a cheap mass produced guitar and an expensive custom instrument. Since you can't watch your guitar all the time having it insured protects you from a situation where someone decides they want to walk off with your expensive guitar.

Using the Internet

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Having insurance protects against the unexpected whether theft, damage or even fire. If you don't have insurance and something happens you walk away with nothing, but if you are insured any situation will only be a temporary setback. You bought an expensive guitar and you are going to put a lot of miles on it through playing and through traveling, buying insurance on it will protect your investment and help you to enjoy the music and not worry about your instrument.

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